Carefree / Cave Creek




Carefree                                                          Cave Creek

Set  in the high desert approximately 15 miles northeast of Phoenix, the  recreational cities of Carefree and Cave Creek provide a respite from the  bustling metropolitan pace below. Although these sister communities share a  similar elevation just above 2,000 feet in the Sonoran foothills, Carefree is  distinguished from Cave Creek in its level of affluence and sophistication. The  terrain is spectacular, with massive granite boulders, imposing mountains, and  delicate desert greenery. Tonto National Forest borders the area on two sides,  surrounding the cities with untouched desert beauty and ancient Hohokam ruins.

Historical  Cave Creek offers a traditional “Western country” environment. The small  community actually began as a mining town in the late 1800s, although it waited  for a hundred years to become incorporated. Carefree sprung up in the late  1950s as a premier master-planned community and incorporated in 1986. Today,  these two residential havens reflect a pleasing blend of the older historical  themes with upscale resort-style living. In spite of their unique and somewhat  contrasting personalities, the two communities harmonize so well with the  surrounding landscape that it is often difficult to determine where one begins  and the other ends.

Cave  Creek and Carefree have long boasted a strong tourist trade, enhanced by posh  shopping centers such as the El Pedregal Marketplace, as well as an eclectic blend  of shops, cafes, and restaurants. Many of the Valley’s superb recreational  facilities are located in or near this area, including several of the most  masterfully designed and celebrated golf courses in Arizona. The sudden  appearance of a jackrabbit, quail, or deer in view of the green only adds to  the magnetism of this charming area, reminding residents and visitors alike  that the concrete and parking lots of the “big city” remain a delightful  distance away.